Pharmaceutical Blister Aluminium Foil

Foil can be supplied in a completely sterile condition thanks to the annealing temperature and final conditioning processes during its manufacture. It is not hazardous to health, contains no plasticizers and is environmentally friendly. Coupled with flexibility and formability, the ease with which aluminium foil can be coated, printed, laminated, slit, cold-formed and embossed qualifies it as an extremely versatile tool for the pack designer.

It is widely used for tablets packaging, push-through blister, cold-formed foil blister, strip pack, creams, ampoules, instruments, dressings and high performances memebrance for pharmaceutical closures.

   Type    Pharmaceutical Packing Foil
   Application    Blister Packs, Strip Packs, Sachets and Pouches
   Alloy Type
   1235, 8011
   Temper    H18
   Thickness & Tolerance    0.02-0.03mm (Tolerance: +6)
   Width & Tolerance    200-1300mm (Tolerance: +1mm)
   Typical Core I.D.    76mm, 152mm
   Mechanical Properties    Tensile Strength (U.T.S.):>160MPA
   Pin Hole    0/M2
   Surface Quality    Without oil, stain and vestige, as per GB3198
   Wet-ability Test    A grade
   Adopted Standard    IS:737:2008
   Package    Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Box
   Special Specification are available on customer's equipment

   Product Name    Blister Aluminium Foil
   Alloy Type    8011
   Temper    O H18
   Thickness & Tolerance    0.02-0.03mm (Tolerance:+8%)
   Width & Tolerance    <600mm (Tolerance:+1mm)
   Typical Core I.D.    76mm
   Inner Core Materials    Paper Core
   Seal Strength with PVC/PVDC    8M-10N/25mm min
   Printing & Lacquer Coating    Printed as per text, layout and shade approved by customer.
   For Non-printed Specification    Clear lacquer to be coated as a protective coating and good printability
   Packing    Carton on wooden pallet
   Adopted Standard    YBB00152002


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