About Us

We are a professional company specializing in aluminum foil production. Our products are widely utilized in a variety of fields including house-hold goods, pharmaceutical packing, food packaging electronics, air-conditioning systems, heating systems and more. We possess the advanced process technology and know-how in aluminum production. We produce the highest quality aluminum foils based on decades of accumulated experience and skill. GREENBERRY FOILS INDIA LTD. is a future-oriented company. Even though we have the best technique, we do not stop to make an effort on research and development to be the leading company in the industry. Most of all, we devote ourselves to human value, growth, and development. We are not afraid of change and innovation. We are open-minded to our customer’s needs. We do our absolute best to gain the trust of our customers’. Also, we always offer the best price to our customers. We sincerely appreciate the support and attention.



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