Aluminum Foil

GREENBERRY FOILS LTD. uses the latest technology and most efficient production process for the manufacture of thin guage aluminium foils. We can supply different thickness, width and diameter aluminium foils according to customers required. Aluminium is one of the most perfect materials. It is the widespread application non-ferrous metal. After hot rolling or cold rolling, annealing, foil rolling, separating, and final annealing processes etc, it shapes all kinds of thickness and width of aluminium foils.

Aluminum foils have many advantages such as :
  1. Light and glossy metal
  2. Non-toxic an odourless
  3. Shut Out Ray & Reflection
  4. Excellent barrier of moisture and gas
  5. Easy printing and converting & Flexible and good forming
  6. Electric Characteristics
  7. Thermal conductivity and heating freezing resistance
Application Aluminum Foil
Cigarette Packing

Aluminium foil has been a perferred barrier material in most countries, particularly in the boundling of cigarettes. Because it combines the ability to retain the characteristic aroma to each blend and brand, with a unique quality of ‘feel’ and apperance. An aluminium foil laminate also offers cerain mechanical qualities not available in alternative bunding materials.

Tetra Pak

Tetra pak is an ideal packing material which uses aluminium foils compound paper, PE and other material. It has many advantages such as long time fresh-keeping, low cost, little influence on environmental. The quality of aluminium foils has an effect on the time of fresh-keeping, appearance quality. As a result, the Tetra pak company keep making high quality of aluminium foils strictly.

Flexible Packing

There is great demand for sepcial food and beverage packaging to ensure the freshness. One of the major characters of aluminium foils is kept the fresness. Aluminium foils and hand plastic compound bags keep the food fresh to last 5 times longer than the normal fresh-keeping plastic bag. Therefore, the demand of flexible package of aluminium foils are increasing quickly.

Lamination Packing

The product such as high grade cosmetics, cigarette and liquor have used compounded aluminium foils and paperboard aluminium lamination packings. Aluminium lamination packings have the certain fresh-keeping damp proof performance. They also have bright luxury the surface so promoted the class of product greatly.

Electric Condenser

Aluminium electrical conductors are now widely used in the overhead lines, electrical energy distribution and transport calbes and energy cables for industrial use. Aluminium is particularly suited to these uses because of its high elecrical conductivity, low weight and good resistance to corrosion.

Construction Industry

Air-condition and air-condition pipeline uses aluminium foils as heat-insulating material. Thermal insulation used in roofing of buildings is made from composite materials of alumimium foils, plastics and weave fibers. Thermal insulation material is a good heat insulation that last fora long period. It is used widely housing construction industry.


6µ 9µ foils are widely used for lamination of packiging material.



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